Custom LED Letter Signs

Changeable LED Sign
– Custom LED Letter Signs

With Custom LED Letter Signs, you can build any Ultra Bright message you like and rearrange the letters to make a new message whenever you want.

Rochester LED lettering signs

With a crisp & professional look, reasonable price, and hassle-free maintenance, Custom LED Letter Signs™ are the ultimate replacement for neon signage.

With Custom LED Letter Signs™ you can quickly create an Ultra Bright LED sign that displays your own custom message.

Copy-of-CAFE-build_MID_low-300x184 Copy-of-CAFE-build_STARTING_low-300x210 Copy-of-CAFE-build_COMPLETED_low-300x188
Choose you letters… …easily align the rails
and lock together…
…and complete your sign!

Video demonstration of Custom LED Letter Signs

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 Unique benefits of Custom LED Letter Signs™ LED signage include:

  • Up to 50% less expensive than neon and none of the maintenance hassles.
  • Patent-pending, interlocking assembly that makes it easy to communicate anything you want to say.  Stunning look without the distorted letters, tape or paint associated with neon.
  • Lightweight, easy-mount design that lets you locate it virtually anywhere, and move it anytime.
  • All the benefits of LEDs: long life, lower energy costs, better durability & increased safety.
  • Multiple dimming and animation effects for maximum attention-grabbing impact.
  • The only quality sign system that allows you to use LED light letters  to create interchangable letter signs!

Say what you want with Custom LED Letter Signs™

Custom LED Letter Signs™ is offered in 43 different 6″ high red lighted letters,  numbers and special characters including:

  • A – Z
  • 0 – 9
  • $, %, -, &, period, apostrophe, and space


(Above photo is of Custom LED Letter Signs Red letters.  The intense brightness of the letters can make them look white/red in photos.)


Height: 6 ¼” per row
Depth: ¾”
Width: Depends upon message, # letters used
Frame Design: See-through
Multi-Row Capable: Yes
Voltage: 12V DC
Linkable Power: Yes
Remote Control Power: Yes, with Optiva® remote control accessory
Lens Shape: Convex
Lens Color: Colored, daytime red
Lens Material: Impact resistant acrylic
Viewing Angle: 180 degrees
Adjustable Pitch: Yes, with Optiva® hang tab accessory
Dimmable: Yes, 6 settings
Animation: Yes, 8 settings including static
Electrical Listing: UL, cUL

Sample LED Letter Signs Rochester New York

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