Vehicle Lettering & Spot Vehicle Graphics vs Full Vehicle Wraps

RSG’s Cons of Full Vehicle Wraps and The Pros of Vehicle Lettering/Spot Vehicle Graphics

As much as we would like to do your next vehicle project for you, we offer this guide to help in making an educated decision in determining the right advertising choice for you or your company. Please review the negatives of full Vehicle Wraps versus the pluses of Vehicle Lettering and Spot Vehicle Graphics:

Cons of Full Vehicle Wraps

This of course is dependent on the amount the vehicle is driven, and where you park your vehicle, for maximum exposure. A vehicle wrap may seem like a valuable asset for companies that put vehicles on the road frequently, like buses, delivery trucks or delivery vans, but studies show they create more of a distraction. It many times becomes hard to read the actual message due to overly busy backgrounds.

Removal or Repair
Removing a vehicle wrap is not an easy task. It can leave a profound amount of residue or even damage your vehicle, even for a professional. Repairs can be from full panels or in patches.

Vehicle Wrap installations require an higher up-front investment of a few thousand dollars depending on your project.

Being vinyl and, due to weather, environment and wear, over time it will have chips, rips and lift-offs as well as dulling of color. The outside may look good, but what about when you open the doors, trunk or the hood?

Rust: What about the potential rusting from the salt that is used on the streets and highways of Rochester NY and other areas. Rust starts from the underside and works its way out.


Pros of Vehicle Lettering/Spot Graphics

Vehicle lettering/spot graphics are a traditional and conventional form of vehicle advertising. This is a very cost efficient and effective way of communicating vital information. They generally entail a simple design. They cover less surface area than vehicle wraps, but still are very capable of delivering your marketing message, in most cases being easier to read with the focus being on the message. The potential exposure for your business can be valuable. Studies support that vehicle lettering or spot graphics can generate a more readable message resulting in more views per day than full vehicle wraps.

Removal or Repair
Vehicle lettering or spot graphics can be removed much easier with less chance of pulling paint and leaving leftover residue. If you need to make changes to an existing vehicle lettering or spot graphic, the installer may only need to replace individual pieces.

Vehicle lettering/spot graphics generally are a one time fee and a whole lot less than vehicle wraps.

Rust: If a vehicle has signs of rust you can work around the areas. Or design it so it is not even close to the rust. If the areas aren’t covered they won’t stay moist. The areas have a chance to dry out so the rust process slows down.


Spot Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Lettering Examples:



United Oxygen Spot Vehicle Graphics Rochester NY by RSG 4