Display Letters


Products Designed for Display, Exhibition and Fixturing

Not every application requires a product with a lifetime weather-ability guarantee.  That’s why Gemini has developed a product line for the interior display market.   Now you can get all your lettering and display needs from one source that understands the need for quick delivery and top-notch quality—all with award winning customer service.  This product line includes additional finishes on lightweight substrates that are ideal for in-store displays and reception area identification.  It also includes chrome effects and 1200 dpi full-color finishes that while extremely durable and weather resistant—simply don’t quite live up to a lifetime guarantee under all conditions—like our other exterior grade products.  What you will find with Gemini’s Display Products, is that they give you additional design flexibility to produce the kinds of products you need to impress your customers.

Gemini’s Display Letter Warranty:

Gemini’s no-hassle warranty is no different for its display letters than for its exterior grade products, when they are installed in the proper environment. The products in the display letters section of the catalog are designed for interior use–due to limitations of the top-coats, substrates, or finishes. While letters in this product line may be installed in exterior applications—Gemini cannot warrant their life in those environments.

As with all other Gemini products, when used in the proper environment, if for any reason, your product chips, cracks, or fades—Gemini will replace the returned product free of charge, with new product as manufactured by Gemini.

The 5 Product Options for Display Letters:



GemLeaf Letters & Logos
The most common metal finishes applied onto solid acrylic colors. All GemLeaf products are laser cut giving you sharp inside corners and polished acrylic returns. Only from Gemini can you get this new process





Laminated Letters & Logos
Standard .030 metal laminate sheets are bonded using the Bern-Lok™ process to Gemini manufactured substrates of acrylic or high density urethane foam. The most common display letters used today





Giclée Letters & Panels
Metal or acrylic panels are pretreated, primed, and then printed using a 1200 dpi printing process. Blanks often have exposed borders of brushed metal for the best effect





Faux Metal Finishes
New metal dyes used to produce different effects for eye-popping signage. Flash Bronze, an aluminum treatment is new in 2010-2011






Classic Letters
For over 1000 years, man has been using premium hardwoods and gold leafing to decorate signage and other architectural elements. Gemini brings you the option of the truly timeless look with these product lines


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