Dimensional Letters And Plaques

Dimensional Letters And Plaques: WHATS NEW!

Reception_LaSalle ULc_usUL Listed Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters HaloLitA Gemini Fabricated Stainless Steel letters are now FULLY UL Listed—and come complete with wiring diagrams, installation instructions and a UL label. This in general means lower costs for you in installation and the assurance that these products meet all UL specifications.


NewChrome_m ULc_us (1)UL Listed Silver Chrome Finish on Formed Letters & Logos Gemlite-Chrome_finalGemini’s revolutionary new process replicates the brilliance of metallic chrome by laminating a chrome film onto our world-famous CAB plastic. The result is a product that can be formed to create letters and logos to your specifications – with dazzling results. Adding LED lighting to GemLite translucent letters transforms the stunning chrome appearance to a radiant glow. A change as dramatic as day to night. The properties of the chrome film laminate generate a halo effect surrounding a partially shaded face – an upscale look at an affordable price.

Becker Movers Dimensional Letters Plastic Outdoor Sign


Plastic Dimensional Letters Outdoor Building Sign for Becker Movers

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